Neisha Smith (CV)



2000-2004 Massey University, Wellington - Bachelor of Design (Fashion/Textiles)

2006 - Launched NEISHA label in Melbourne stocking in Independent fashion boutiques and selling direct from the studio

2009 - ongoing - Neda Rahmani - Costume design for MCAV ambassador 

2009 - Traveled to The Gambia and worked with community making traditional wax resist textiles

2011 - Exploration in zero waste cutting techniques with scholar Julian Roberts
2011 - Oz Soul Collective Collaboration with Melbourne musicians

2011 - Melbourne Spring Fashion Week - presenting 'Old Skin/ New Skin' -  an exploration into zero waste cutting and one off garments


 2012 - Moral Fairground - Sustainable fashion showcase

2013- RAW Artists showcase -Victoria artist of the Year

2014 - Undress - sustainable fashion Runway

2016 - Sahida Apsara and Tim Parish Costume design for poetry video 'The Word'

2015-2017 Traveled to Peru to work with Shipibo women in Pullcapa, Peru making handpainted textiles with plant dyes. 

2017 Pop up shops in Carlton, Fitzroy and South Melbourne

2018 - 2020 Opened Neisha store - Northcote

2018 - 2020 - Seven Sisters Festival

2019 - Iaki Vallejo - Stylist and costume designer

2019 - Perolas  - Costume design and styling

for music video 'Flores de Melipeuco'

2019 - Western Youth Arts - Costume designer for 'Echoes' show

2020 - Moral Fairground

 - sustainable fashion event



Melbourne Spring Fashion Week - 2011

Undress Ethical fashion runway - 2014

Moral Fairground Ethical fashion show - 2017

Moral Fairground sustainable fashion showcase 2020

Seven Sisters festival 2018-2020

RAW Emerging designers showcase 2013 (Victoria winner - Artist of the Year)

Western Edge Youth Arts (costume designer for select shows)

Video links to work:

Oz Soul Collective collaboration

Peolas collaboration

RAW Artists interview

High Street Northcote promotion

'The Word' Sahida Apsara and Tim Parish