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Emboldening and celebrating Women in power and glory in limited edition clothing, ethically made in Melbourne Australia since 2007


Our subltle version of Big Pussy Energy. For when you are feeling the magnetic and creative force of your feminine power. This print was created to honor Women and our abiliy to birth life, creativity, businesses, academic achievements and more!

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Ethically made in Melbourne, Australia

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If you are after buying all of the clothes from a Goddess who walks among us, please do go see Neisha. I had a ball in her studio today and walked awaywith some gorgeous, ethically and locally made gems. I felt amazing in all of it but also felt good to support a local Melbourne business/boss bitch at this shitty shitty time.


Big Pussy Energy is revolutionary. It's making Women feel comfortable in their own skin, and not being afraid to be who we are in our power, especially in todays world.


I always feel a sense of femininity when I'm wearing Neisha. I can feel that she has the feminine in mind when she's creating what she's creating.I feel beautiful in everything that she creates that I've owned and worn.