All NEISHA garments have been created from a core of love and respect; both for the environment from which the threads have come, and for every person who has aided in the production of NEISHA creations.
Environmental impact of the fashion industry is catastrophic with two million tonnes of waste reaching landfill every year (read more here, here and here).

NEISHA uses a few methods to combat this issue:
Garments are made using a “zero-waste” cutting techniques; where two garments are ‘jig-sawed’, and cut from one length of cloth.  
Any left over off – cuts are then used to make accessories or donated to a local Melbourne company to make boxing bags.

It is a sad reality that “Made in Australia” does not necessarily equal a fair wage for the maker. Here at NEISHA many of the garments are lovingly made by the designer herself. All outsourcing is completed in Melbourne by skilled workers in warm, friendly and well paid  working conditions.

Neisha uses one off hand-treated fabrics, batik fabrics and non-season stock. In this way NEISHA does not contribute to the continuing production of new fabrics as the world is awash with fabrics from previous seasons.

When you wear NEISHA you can feel good. Knowing that every effort has been taken to care and replenish the environment, and those who make the threads you are in!