Travelling around West Africa, Neisha met with local batik artist Gasimu Nying in The Gambia. After hours of playing with cloth, hot wax and dye under the guidance of batik master Gas a pact was made to support each other into the future.

Four years on, Gass continues to produce the bold hand-made batik fabrics that are used in many NEISHA garments.  There is something special about cutting into the cloth of this talented artisan, with every drop of wax perfectly placed.
The colourful hand-dying and draping techniques, alongside the use of the traditional Gambian batik, allow for spontaneous and highly original works. The vibrant pieces take on a life of their own.

5% of all NEISHA sales of garments made in Gass’ batiks go back to Gass and his community in Bakau, The Gambia.