My boobs. My body.

My boobs. My beautiful soft rounds. I love the way you feel when my arms brush against you. I love the way your curves expand and decrease with the cycles of my womb. You are the most visible reminder I have of the ebbs and flows of nature that lives within me. I love your sensitivity to the touch of a gentle breeze as it blows past, I love how you respond to the touch of a lover. I love the pleasure you can ripple through my body if I focus my breath on you. I love you my boobs.

I love your form. I love the way your roundness meets the angular bones of my breastplate. I love the way I can dress you pursed together and up, or hanging loose and free. I dress you to complement all of me. You inspire me so much that sometimes I not only design dresses to compliment you, but I take your gentle curves and I repeat them in seamlines all over my body. Because I know you, and I know the magic you hold. And I want all women to feel the beauty you hold within them.

You are so magnetic sometimes others want to own you, they stumble over their words when they see you or they try to keep you tucked away safe from prying eyes. But you my boobs, whom I love, I will never hide you. I will never allow you to be shamed, because to do that is to shame my very existence, and to deny the life force that flows so strongly within me of which you are my most beautiful reminder.

So I will continue to dress you how I please. And I will encourage every woman to do the same. For I know that only when every woman can dress how she chooses without judgement, only then will we know equality.