Kali Body oil - 50ml
Kali Body oil - 50ml

Kali Body oil - 50ml

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This delectable body oil is from our business homegurl 'Yalu Apothecary'

Kali is fierce, loving and compassionate. 

She is all about 'keepin' it real' as she compassionately destroys the ego and showers her love and affection on any who care to turn their gaze towards her luminous heart. 

Let her infinite strength and wisdom inspire you to speak your truth and feel comfortable in your skin. Luxuriate in the purifying and all chakra balancing vibrations of the Tibetan quartz. Kali crystal oil has all the perfect ingredients combined for assisting with grounding and centring energy, making it perfect for meditation and yoga. Just warm a little up in your fingertips and rub into temples, neck and chest for an incredibly balancing and nourishing experience.  

Also a wonderful anxiety and sleep aid for kiddies. 

 Aroma profile: Atlas cedarwood, lavender, bergamot, our own handmade healing organic calendula + chamomile oil, rosewood, palmarosa, clary sage.

Crystal: Supercharged Tibetan quartz to balance and align all chakra energy points.  Making you feel more centred and aligned. Perfect for use before or after meditation or yoga.  

How to use it: Dab a little on your wrist and behind ears.  Add a dash to your bath. Rub a little through the ends of your hair for lush smelling locks.